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If you want a job (or an employee) in Silicon Valley, you want Morgan Missen's number. . . A go-to headhunter. . . and sought-after recruiter and consultant.

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If geeks are the new rockstars, then former Foursquare head of talent Morgan Missen is with the band.

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[One of] The 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech. . . Morgan Missen has made quite the name for herself in the tech industry.

In today's hyper-competitive market for tech talent, Morgan happens to be running one of the most critical functions—how to get the best into the door, and inspire them to produce the best they are capable of. . . She has redefined the lowly tech-recruiter role, which is typically very transactional, into a highly strategic talent-management role, by seeing the bigger picture and delving deep into the nitty-gritty of execution.

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[One of] Silicon Valley's Best Recruiters. . . After stints as a top recruiter at Google, Twitter, and Foursquare, Missen struck out on her own to start Main. Think of Main as a Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for geeks—the Hollywood talent agency model, but applied to the code-savvy stars of the tech world.

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One of Silicon Valley's top tech recruiters.

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Missen's new company, Main, stays true to her recruiting roots. Main, named after the function at the beginning of code, will be a recruiting resource for engineers and tech companies. Missen will be advising engineers and other tech talent about their careers and helping companies like her former employers obtain great people.

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Morgan Missen, a super-recruiter for the likes of Twitter, Foursquare and Google, is behind, which she bills as the first Silicon Valley talent agency.

[Morgan Missen's] had a front-row seat to all aspects of technical recruiting, everything from scouring campuses and online communities to find the best technical talent, as well as how to keep those folks around at the company after the offer letter is signed.

Missen’s new initiative—dubbed "Main" in a subtle nod to engineers—will focus on finding and growing engineering teams for Valley start-ups, as well as acting as an advocate for engineers who need guidance on negotiating equity and compensation plans.

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One of the top technical recruiting minds you'll find.

Morgan Missen is a brand by herself. In a short div of eight years she has spent in the tech world in SF; she has built a strong network with the best of the best software engineers, product managers and UI professionals — people who are the building blocks for product companies anywhere in the world. She knows where to find them, and more importantly, what they are looking for.

In the Twitter-Tumblr World, Everybody is a Journalist,